Fraser Valley & C/C Radio Webster Recognitions!

When Jack Webster retired from professional journalism in 1986, it left a void that could only have been filled by the developing and encouraging  generations of up and coming, successful news seekers and reporters to live up to the Gold standard many believe Webster had set in his career new balance 1004.

Last night, two community journalists with close proximity to CIVL Radio were recognized for their work, focusing on local, relevant, grass roots reporting.

Tyler Olsen from the Chilliwack Times was the sole Fraser Valley reporter recognized at last night’s awards, for his piece “A Growing Concern” chronicling the pervasive practice of running marijuana grow-ops in residential Chilliwack neighbourhoods.

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Also recognized was Jon Steinman, from CJLY Kootenay Co-op Radio in Nelson, whose “Deconstructing Dinner” is archived Saturdays at 5 pm on CIVL Radio. Steinman was named as a finalist for the same Community Reporting award, for the September, 2010 Deconstructing Dinner episode “Local Food Fraud? An Investigation“, which has aired multiple times on CIVL 101.7 FM and can be heard and downloaded here.
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CIVL Radio is proud to share communities with these leading reporters, and excited to dedicate content based on the same grass roots principles in our daily news programming, provided for by the Community Radio Fund of Canada, which you can podcast by copying this link and pasting it into your iTunes settings, or by checking back daily for updates here and on the CIVL Radio Facebook page or Twitter!

CiVL Radio Wins National Campus/Community Radio Award

After less than a year of FM broadcasting on 101.7 FM, CiVL Radio is proud to have received the award for Community Development from the 2011 National Community and Campus Radio Awards, on June 7th, 2011 hosted by the NCRA and CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

While the UFV Student Union Society made it possible for CiVL Radio volunteers and staff to attend the awards gala and conference, special thanks is due to the National Campus/Community Radio Association, without whom 101.7 FM would not be broadcasting the unique, local Fraser Valley programming content we continue to develop for our communities and campuses.

In addition to CiVL’s win as an organization, Inventory Manager Alicia Williams’ show Mood Swings, on Mondays from 11 am – 1 pm received an honourable mention in the category of Music Programming for the submission of her all Fem Con (Female Content) episode! Way to go Alicia!

Thanks goes most of all to the incredible volunteers, programmers, directors, and especially listeners, who make CiVL Radio the valuable and effective medium for local, community, and campus events and issues in the Fraser Valley cheap air max 90.

Without all of you, no impact would be felt whatsoever.

CiVL Radio will continue the tradition that’s developed this year of high quality programming and increased listener and community involvement starting with two upcoming projects: The Jam in Jubilee festival, which CiVL proudly sponsors, and will take part in hosting a night of, and the Community News project that CiVL Radio has just received funding for from the Community Radio Fund of Canada!

Stay tuned for more info!